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Learn a rare healing art - Mew Hings Advanced Burning Palm

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Kung Fu Links
Website of the 7th Generation Grandmaster of Mew Hing's 18 Daoist Palms' System of Internal Kung Fu - Jung Shee James Patrick Lacy.

18 Daoist Palms' Instructors
Grandmaster Lacy's list of regional representatives.

Mikado Martial Arts
Where I buy many of my own martial arts supplies - Vancouver, BC.
Martial arts in Canada.
Martial arts talk forums.

Kung Fu Fighting Tips
"An emperor's fortune in Kung Fu & Tai Chi secrets for fitness and self-defense."

Martial Arts History Museum
The Martial Arts History Museum.
"The Ultimate Martial Arts Network".

World Fight Channel
Many different martial arts on this free website.

Blessed Herbs
The highest quality medicinal herbs I've ever found.
A vast array of resources for the spiritual seeker.

Liao-Fan's Four Lessons
Changing your karma - A basic review for some people, very advanced concepts for others.
Compulsive behavior runs in the family - Check out my brother's website.

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