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Internal Kung Fu
Corporate Lectures
I provide customized lectures and demos to local businesses for their employees. Popular topics include Tai Chi, Stress Management and Meditation.

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Kenneth Lagerstrom,
British Columbia Representative

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Kung Fu Instruction

Private Instruction (Burnaby, BC):

I provide instruction in a variety of martial arts and internal disciplines, including meditation, tai chi, self-defence, iron body, and burning palm. Training programs are customized for each person based on their interests, needs and experience. I teach a limited number of students at any given time. Email for more information or to request an interview. (If you wish to begin training but face financial or other access barriers, let me know.)

Private instruction programs in basic meditation for stress management are usually 4 weeks, one hour per week. Practical self defense averages 3 months, twice per week. Advanced burning palm takes most people 6 weeks to learn, with two lessons per week.

I am currently NOT accepting any new students for private instruction. Group tai chi classes are available through Guildford Recreation Centre in Surrey.

Advanced Burning Palm Group Class:

1 Finger Advanced Burning Palm is a slow moving meditation that dramatically amplifies internal energy of all kinds. This meditation's effects are especially powerful for those who already use outwardly projected energy, regardless of whether their technique is Reiki, qigong, or any other method.

Next Course: 2009 - Date TBA
Location: Burnaby
Cost: $225 per person

For more information or to register, contact


"Thanks once again for your presentation and information at our Health and Wellness week. We certainly appreciate the fact that you are willing, and able, to come out to our facility during all three shifts to impart your knowledge. I have had a lot of positive feedback concerning your sessions and they are greatly appreciated by all who have attended. I would have no hesitation recommending your facility to others who may have an interest in that field. All the best to you for the future and we shall definitely keep your company name on file for future reference." Thanks,
- Peter White, Analyst
Canada Post Corporation

"Mew Hing's 18 Taoist Palms has provided me with many beneficial moments in my goal to become healthy once again. I have experienced vertigo for over 2 years now, and asked Ken Lagerstrom if he could be of service with the meditations and Tai Chi forms that he has studied. The benefits have been huge from increased strength, increasing levels of energy, sense of well being, inner calm and sense of purpose. I have seen great lengths travelled with the forms themselves, from clearing energy blocks to seeing my health rise to levels that it was not a year ago. Thanks to the Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and healing meditations, I've gone from doctor appointments, fear of not getting better, and lying in bed to now being back in school, and taking on full time studies. The tai chi wakes me up, the meditations assist in me becoming more concentrated and familiar with myself, and the Qi Gong builds up energy for exercise and inner strength. Without a doubt, Ken Lagerstrom and the system of Kung Fu that he teaches is a step in the right direction, for his guidance is that which feels comfortable, safe, respecting personal limits as well as beneficial encouragement in the healing process. I highly recommend the study of these martial applications." Sincerely,
- Christopher Warren
Private student

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Kenneth A Lagerstrom
Red Phoenix Productions
207 - 4373 Halifax Street
Burnaby, BC Canada
V5C 5Z2
Tel: 604-298-4770

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