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While most martial arts systems teach how to fight, Kung Fu teaches how to survive. Many practitioners consider Kung Fu to be a path to spiritual enlightenment.

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Iron Body (or Iron Shirt)

Iron Body is the practice of training the body to withstand impacting or piercing blows. The discipline is a combination of muscle strength and control of internal energy.

Iron Body is NOT a safe discipline to practice. Some people believe that there is a small amount of cumulative damage from each blow.

Iron Body should only be practiced under direct personal instruction from a qualified teacher.

Although these videos provide all the information necessary to learn the discipline, this CD is meant for informational and historical purposes only - They show how I personally have done the training.

Iron Body Training and Forms CD-Rom includes:
- Ba Ting Gum - Instructional (a form done from the horse stance)
- Mew Hing's Advanced Iron Body - Instructional (a lengthy fighting form that uses dynamic tension)
- Iron Body conditioning training (the gradual progression from light pressure to full-force strikes)
- Demonstration (Time: 1:03 / Size: 1.21 Mb)

This CD-Rom has 50 minutes of video, in Windows Media format (.wmv). Click here to the see if your computer supports .wmv video format (then click "back" on your browser when you are done).

  • CD-Rom video by Kenneth Lagerstrom
  • English language
  • 640x480, Windows Media format (.wmv)
  • Orders shipped within 3 days. $5.95 S/H. Express shipping is available for an additional fee.
  • 30 day money-back guarantee. (less S/H)
  • Age 21 or older - NO EXCEPTIONS!

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