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Welcome to Internal Kung Fu

My own interest in the martial arts stems from a lifetime fascination with the human hands (especially the "mystical" and "magical" aspects). One of my favorite subjects has always been how internal energy can be projected through the palms, and I have had the privelege of studying different techniques with some of the finest teachers and practitioners.

After a personal experience with some very limiting health concerns, I turned my attention back to internal healing arts. The results were immediate and profound, inspiring me to continue training even after my health had improved. Now I teach and give lectures on ways to reduce and manage stress in daily life.

Like most people, I have a very busy schedule and no longer have several hours each day to devote to meditation and chi development. Now I have to choose carefully where to put my time and attention, making sure that any training I do is effective and beneficial enough to be worth the effort.

Here you will find an assortment of techniques that I have found to be among the best and most practical. (I look for great benefit with minimal effort, in holistic ways that enlighten the spirit and empower the individual.)

Take a look at some instructional videos and demonstrations.

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